SAVE THE DATE: Better Grids for Clean Energy – Policy Event 22 November 2017, Brussels

BluePoint Brussels, Boulevard Reyers 80, Brussels
T&D Europe and Europacable have the pleasure to invite you to their joint Energy Policy Event followed by a networking cocktail.

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

Europe is in the midst of a fundamental and rapid energy transition: the integration of renewable energy sources at large scale, the rise of new business models and the evolution of transmission and distribution technologies create the opportunity to fully integrate the European energy market in a smart and efficient manner.  Europe´s electricity transmission and distribution networks will be the core backbone infrastructure to realise this objective of a truly interconnected Europe.

Set against the context of the current debates on the Clean Energy Package, the Revision of the TEN-E Regulation and not last reflections on the Europe´s future interconnection level, T&D Europe and Europacable are looking forward to tackling the key challenges and highlight opportunities arising from latest digital technology developments.

With their 2017 Energy Policy Conference, T&D Europe and Europacable – the associations representing Europe´s leading transmission and distribution industries –  offer a platform to elaborate on the following underlying questions:

  • Which electricity grids will Europe need to succeed in meeting its ambitions?
  • How can we ensure the development of smart, digital-ready and energy efficient grids throughout Europe?

A formal invitation will be sent in the next few weeks but we would be glad if you could already mark this event in your calendar.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Nadi Assaf                                                 Mr Thomas Neesen
Secretary General                                          Secretary General
T&D Europe                                                   Europacable

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