Putting safety first: Europacable welcomes CPR

Starting tomorrow, 1st July 2017, the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) will govern any cable product that is intended for use in construction works, and is subject to performance requirements on reaction to fire.

Pascal Portevin, Chairman of the Europacable Executive Board, welcomes the CPR:Europacable, the Association of Europe´s leading wire and cable manufacturers, has been working for more than a decade with the European Commission and Member States to achieve these fire performance requirements for power, control and communication cables. We are proud that our products can contribute to an improved safety level for European citizens.

However, having the standards in place will not automatically guarantee the best protection: only if these standards are rigorously applied and controlled, lives will be saved and damages reduced. Europacable member companies are therefore fully committed to putting safety first: We will actively promote, support and accompany the thorough implementation of CPR requirements for cables across all EU member states."

Concretely, Europacable will:

1. Actively work to ensure that any cable that falls under the scope of the CPR will be fully compliant to mandatory standards.

2. Design and implement an effective and functioning market surveillance system across EU member states to ensure compliance to mandatory standards and to effectively withdraw products which have been identified as non-complying. This is the only way to mitigate the potential risks for European citizens in case of fire. This system will also help singling out non-complying products which can be detected on the EU market, not only distorting competition, but for CPR regulated products, presenting risks for European citizens in case of fire if products falsely claim compliance.

3. Actively support market surveillance authorities at member state level by identifying non-compliant products by sample taking, testing of products and reporting any findings to the authorities and Notified Bodies in charge.

In addition, national cable maker associations at member state level will:

1. Provide the appointed market surveillance authorities with information in order to ensure the right level of awareness and knowledge of processes and resources, allowing them

   a) to monitor the introduction of CPR compliant products into their territories,

   b) to identify at the earliest possible stage non-complying products, and

   c) to ensure the withdrawal of these non-complying products.

2. Monitor the action plans prepared on a regular basis by national market surveillance authorities, in order to ensure that they provide for the appropriate level of controls of products placed on the market.

By committing to the above, Europacable and its members will actively contribute to making the CPR a success for consumers in Europe: Let´s put SAFETY FIRST!

All members of Europacable have signed the Europacable Industry Charter and are committed to supply safe and reliable cables and systems in line with the relevant EU or equivalent international regulations and standards for safety and reliability.