“No grids is no option”: Europacable speaks at ´Grids meet Renewables´ Conference

Yesterday, Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Energy Team spoke at the “Grids meet Renewables Conference” hosted by RGI and WindEurope in Brussels.

Raul Gil highlighted: „The RGI – WindEurope conference confirms that Europe urgently needs more grids to bring renewables to market. No grids is no option – and one of the biggest cost derives from delays in getting projects built. Partial undergrounding and submarine cables are key enablers for TSOs to deliver the TYNDP projects on time. As confirmed by our recent joint paper with ENTSOE, Europe’s cable industry is ready to deliver its share to making a truly interconnected Europe become a reality.“

With some 300 attendees, the conference focused on the need for Europe to upgrade its transmission capacities to enable the scaling of renewable energy sources to meet Europe´s ambitious RES targets.

The key message of the organisers was that if renewables are to meet 35% of Europe’s energy needs by 2030, then investments in electricity grids need to be more strategic.

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