MP Dr. Hoppenstedt supports partial undergrounding following factory visit

On Monday, 15 June, German MP Dr. Hoppenstedt of the conservative party (CDU) visited the Nexans facilities in Hannover to inform himself about the option of partial undergrounding.

Dr. Hoppenstedt welcomed this Europacable initiative as he is involved in discussions around the current legislative proposal seeking to enable more partial undergrounding in Germany as well as the debates on the HVDC SuedLink project.

Dr. Hoppenstedt strongly endorsed the Europacable concept of partial undergrounding. He concluded that partial undergrounding has to be deployed in the HVDC SuedLink to ensure timely completion. He also confirmed that he will seek to widen the option of partial undergrounding in the current deliberations on the draft legislation for future EHV transmission projects in the German Bundestag.

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