Yesterday, Philippe Vanhille, Chairman of the Europacable Digital Team, spoke at the DG Connect´s annual Broadband Day conference. This year´s edition was held under the title “Mind the Broadband Gap”.

In his intervention, Mr. Vanhille stressed that Europacable members, as globally leading cable players, see the gap of broadband roll out in Europe versus the rest of the world, the gaps between EU member states, the gaps between urban and rural roll out in EU member states and – last but not least – the gap between high and low quality infrastructures.

Since much of the discussions focused on building the right digital infrastructures in Europe that will ultimately enable 5G coverage, in his closing remarks Mr. Vanhille summarized Europacable position as follows: There will be no 5G without deep fibre networks. Let´s build this right – not quick & dirty, but let´s build it to the highest quality standards so that it lasts”.

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