“Let´s do it right!” – Europacable speaks at FTTH Conference, Marseille

This morning, Philippe Vanhille, Chairman of the Europacable Digital Team participated in a high-level panel debate at the 2017 edition of the FTTH Conference held in Marseille.

Mr. Vanhille re-iterated the core Europacable positioning with regard to the Commission´s Gigabite ambitions and the high capacity networks needed to ensure Europe´s future competitiveness. In the discussion focussed on the new European Communications Code as presented by the European Commission in the autumn of last year,

Mr. Vanhille stressed: “When considering which telecommunication networks Europe needs for the future, let´s move beyond the obsession of focusing on CAPEX only. Consumer experience and operational expenditure need more attention. The future landing point will be a capilar fibre network in Europe. Europacable is calling to deploying the right technical solutions with high quality products. Let´s do it right, so that we do not have to re-invest later.”

For more information on the conference please visit: www.ftthconference.eu