Europacable welcomes the publication of EN 50575 on Power, Control and Communication Cables in Construction Works

Today, the European Commission has published EN 50575 laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products for “power, control and communication cables for general applications in construction works subject to reaction to fire requirements” in the Official Journal. Following the first publication last year, this publication includes an amendment regarding the references to the LVD and the release of dangerous substances based on a CEN/CENELEC proposal.

The date of applicability (DoA) of this harmonised standard is now set for 10 June 2016, the date of the end of the co-existence period is 1 July 2017.

Valerio Battista, President of Europacable, welcomes this publication: “The European wire and cable industry has worked for more than a decade and has invested substantial resources to achieve formal recognition that our high performing low-fire hazard cables can contribute to increased safety. Today´s publication of the EN clearly is a turning point to improve safety in construction and civil works: the CPR now provides a common technical language for manufacturers, authorities and users.”

Pascal Portevin, Chairman of the Europacable Executive Board, further highlights: “All Europacable members are signatories of the Europacable Industry Charter expressing their commitment to shared principles and objectives of ethical, sustainable and high-quality cable development and manufacturing. Sub-standard products are unfortunately already noted in some areas of the European market. In order to ensure that the increased safety level offered by EN 50575 is met at all times, it will be vital to apply all available tools of market surveillance in a very stringent manner.”

Europacable, the voice of the leading wire and cable manufacturers in Europe, is currently preparing detailed communication on important aspects of the implementation of the CPR for cables such as the CE marking. This information will be made available to all stakeholders in the European market on a dedicated website. In the meantime, here is the link to the Official Journal.