Europacable speaks at T&D Energy Conference

On Tuesday, Europacable participated in the panel debate “A truly European network infrastructure – enabling the reinvention of electricity” hosted by T&D Europe in Brussels. At the conference, Europacable was represented by Raul Gil, Chairman Europacable Energy Team, COO Prysmian Powerlink, Detlev Waimann, EVP NKT Cables and Dr. Dirk Steinbrink, SEVP High Voltage & Underwater Cable Business Group Nexans.

High voltage underground and submarine cables will be a core technology for Europe´s future transmission grids: With 48% of the PCIs in the 2016 ENTSO-E TYNDP planned with underground or submarine cables, they will be a core backbone of Europe´s future transmission grids.  “With an annual production of some 11.000 km of EHV cables in Europe alone, the European cable industry is ready to deliver against expectations. What will be needed is a thorough and reliable planning to ensure there are no bottlenecks”, Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Energy Team, stressed at the T&D conference in Brussels.

Detlev Waimann, Member of the Europacable Energy Leadership Team, highlighted how underground cable technology will help to get Europe´s grids built on time. Mr. Waimann pointed out: “On average today it takes 15 years to realise transmission projects due to a lack of public acceptance. Underground cables complementing overhead lines in sensitive areas facilitate public acceptance and speed up permitting procedures. They are the key to making our networks socially acceptable.”

Europacable called on legislators and regulators to ensure technology neutrality. Dr. Dirk Steinbrink, Member of the Europacable Energy Leadership Team, highlighted: “What we need is technology neutrality: All technology options including undergrounding need to be considered from the outset of every transmission project. This will help to reduce the greatest cost to society: The cost of not having the lines”.

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