Europacable speaks at 6th SuedLink Round Table hosted by Dr. Anja Weisgerber, German MP

On Tuesday, Dr. Weisgerber, Member of the German Bundestag, hosted the 6th Round Table regarding the planned SuedLink Project in Schweinfurt. With some 30 participants from local and regional politics discussions centered around the latest update on the planned project, including an update from TenneT.

Dr. Weisgerber pointed out: “It is a great success that DC lines like SuedLink shall in future be built mainly underground. Thereby, a major point for Bavaria is met. Broad acceptance of the citizens is important for the power grid expansion. This is a key element for an acceptable overall solution for SuedLink and for the success of the German Energiewende.”

Europacable provided an overview of underground cable technologies.

Click here to access the Europacable presentation and here for Dr. Weisgerber´s press statement.