Europacable speaks at „2. Runder Tisch Südlink“, organised by Mr. Beermann, member of the German Bundestag

On 28 May, Europacable spoke at two round table discussions in the Hannover region (Nienburg and Schaumburg), Germany, outlining key technical aspects of its concept of partial undergrounding, both for AC and DC transmission projects. The meetings were hosted by Mr. Maik Beermann, CDU member of the German Bundestag.


The discussions were set in the context of the emerging legislation allowing for more partial undergrounding of future transmission projects in Germany and the concrete deliberations on the 800km DC “SuedLink Project” currently under planning by TenneT.

Europacable stressed once more, that we believe that partial undergrounding shall complement overhead lines in sensitve areas. The technology to do so is fully available and higher initial investment costs will be neutralised through faster project realisation, generating overall societal benefits.

Please click here to access the Europacable presentation.