Europacable signs RGI Marine Grid Declaration

Cooperation among all relevant stakeholders is essential for a timely deployment of marine grids which would help Europe meet its climate and energy targets.

“Europe urgently needs to have future-proof power grids in place to fully decarbonise its energy system and achieve its objective of reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.  

Efficient and effective cooperation amongst all relevant stakeholders to timely deploy marine grid infrastructure is essential to ensure a smooth realisation of the projects and avoid permitting and building delays which would have high costs for society and derail Europe’s climate commitments.

Europacable thanks RGI for the excellent work in promoting trust and fostering cooperation among all players involved which would result in a win-win situation for European citizens, Europe’s businesses and the environment. Europe’s cable industry is ready to deliver its share to make Europe’s energy transition a reality.”

This is the message Mr. Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Energy Team, conveyed at today’s signing ceremony of the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) Marine Grid Declaration which took place in Brussels at the presence of European Commission Climate Action and Energy Commissioner Mr. Miguel Arias Cañete.

Presenting the Marine Grid Declaration, RGI CEO Mrs. Antonella Battaglini stated: “Europe’s future offshore grid deployment requires a joint effort. Today’s Declaration stresses the importance of a trusted and continuous cooperation among all relevant stakeholders, including early engagement with civil society and environmental NGOs, to integrate offshore renewables into the European power system in an environmentally safe way. In doing so, the Marine Grid Declaration supports the smooth development of the offshore grid infrastructure needed to integrate a growing amount of renewables and meet Europe’s climate and energy targets.”

The RGI Marine Grid Declaration establishes an agreed framework of principles for the Parties to commit to in their efforts to develop marine power grids in line with climate change targets and marine conservation objectives. The Declaration is directed to Transmission System Operators and other grid operations, environmental NGOs, project developers and industries active in the marine environment.

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