Europacable hosts ENTSO-E and RGI at energy submarine and land cable facility in Cologne

Yesterday, Europacable, the Association of Europe’s leading cable producers together with its member company NKT, welcomed a delegation composed of ENTSO-E and RGI, the Renewables Grid Initiative, representatives at the NKT "F2C" cable plant in Cologne, Germany. The purpose of the visit was to provide a first-hand insight into the production of high-quality submarine and land cables.

Dr. Volker Wendt, Director Public Affairs at Europacable stressed:
“Land and submarine cables will ever more become the key backstay of Europe´s high voltage power transmission networks. Europe´s cable industry is ready to deliver high quality products. We have the knowhow, the experience and the capacity in place.
This said, as an industry, we call upon all stakeholders to streamline permitting procedures to increase planning security: Delays in grid role out not only are a huge financial burden to society, they also put at risk our manufacturing basis in Europe.”
Europacable and ENTSO-E have established a fruitful cooperation over the last years which has resulted, among others, in a series of technical studies on cable technology, and most recently in the publication of a joint paper on demand and manufacturing capacity for high-voltage alternate current and high-voltage direct current underground and submarine cables.