Europacable hosts 2018 General Assembly

Europacable hosted its 2018 General Assembly on 30 May. The annual meeting point of Europe's leading cable manufacturers saw the participation of over 80 senior representatives of nearly all Europacable member companies.

Presentations featured ongoing work of all Europacable Teams with a specific focus on CPR implementation and the increasing need for Europacable to engage as an advocate for our industry calling for a fair and level playing field in the global context.

Our guest speakers outlined challenges and opportunities for our industry stemming either from technological progress or political developments.

Europacable President, Mr. Valerio Battista and the Chairman of the Executive Board, Mr. Pascal Portevin reemphasized the relevance of Europacable to serve as a single voice of European cable manufacturers in the Brussels arena. They called upon Europacable to drive policy developments promoting the interests of our members.