Europacable attends Brussels „Broadband Day: Going Giga”

Today, Europacable attends the Broadband Day: Going Giga, hosted by the European Commission DG Connect in Brussels. The day features a series of panel discussions on how to make the broadband roll out in Europe become a reality. In his opening speech, Commissioner Oettinger re-stressed the 3 core objectives outlined in the Connectivity Package in September:
1) Access to high-gigabit-connectivity for all main socio-economic drivers like schools, universities, hospitals, public service providers and digital enterprises
2) 5G coverage for all urban areas and major road;
3) At least 100Mbps download speed for all EU households both urban and rural.

Commissioner Oettinger explicitly stated that for him the focus now lies on deploying a smart investment strategy to deliver “future proof fibre to all buildings” and “5G roll out”. He estimates 500bn € investments largely driven by private investors. Presentations will be made available here.

The conference follows last night´s award ceremony of the 2016 European Broadband Awards competition. The five projects were selected in different categories focusing on innovative models of financing, cost reduction, affordability, competition or quality of service. Some of the projects focus on rural broadband connectivity, while some have wider scale and cover regions or even their whole country. The winners will be serving as exemplary projects for anyone planning broadband development in Europe. The five winning projects are presented here.