Europacable at 2016 FTTH Conference

This week, Europacable actively participated in the 2016 FTTH Conference held in Luxembourg from 17 & 18 February.

Representing Europacable at a high-level panel debate, Philippe Vanhille, Chairman of the Europacable Telecoms Team, stressed that “high quality of telecom cable investments are key for future-proof communication networks in Europe – and even more so when looking at publicly funded investments”.

In the discussion with the heads of DG Connect, ETNO, ECTA and Cable Europe, Mr. Vanhille reconfirmed: “Our industry is permanently innovating. We care a lot about the quality of broadband transmission that consumers get: it´s not only about Gigabytes, but about network reliability, no-latency and peak bandwidth. Europacable believes that consumers should get the transmission quality they pay for – and for that high quality cables are key.”


In addition, Europacable members demonstrated their commitment to the Europacable Industry Charter via their booths.  The Charter expresses a collective commitment to our shared principles and objectives of ethical, sustainable and high-quality cable development and manufacturing.

Please see below for some impressions.