Europacable appointed chair of Orgalim Task Force ‘Infrastructure’: power grids are the backbone of Europe’s energy transition

Mr. Alberto Lampasona, Public Affairs Manager at Europacable, has been appointed chairman of the Orgalim Task Force 'Infrastructure'.

Under Mr. Lampasona´s chairmanship, the Orgalim Task Force ‘Infrastructure’ will be working to promote modern, smart and efficient power infrastructures as the backbone of Europe’s future fully decarbonised, decentralised and digitalised energy system. Notably, the objective of the Task Force will be to continue supporting the creation of favourable regulatory conditions for the successful deployment of strategic public infrastructures in Europe.

The Task Force brings together various Orgalim members from European power industries. Europacable has been an Orgalim member since 2018. Overall, Orgalim represents Europe’s technology industries – innovative companies spanning the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, and metal technology branches.

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