Europacable and the “Industry4Europe” Initiative set indicators for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

Europacable has contributed to the new Joint Industry Paper which suggests a list of indicators to assess the implementation of an ambitious EU industrial strategy with the aim at strengthening Europe´s manufacturing industries, including the wire and cable industry with its large footprint across most European Union Member States.

Further to their 2017 Joint Reaction Paper on a new ambitious EU industrial policy, the “Industry4Europe” Initiative – which represents a wide range of industrial sectors from across Europe – has suggested a list of industry indicators to the EU institutions with the final goal of better driving investments towards a new innovative, smart and sustainable industry.

The Joint Paper, as co-signed by 111 Associations including Europacable, proposes a short list of indicators which should be used to both assess the health of the European Industry and monitor the progress made by the EU on the implementation of its industrial strategy. The indicator list is composed of two sections: the headline indicators and those linked to the pillars of the previous Joint Reaction Paper. The indicators are simple and intended to be applied in combination to answer specific questions that may be relevant for different scenarios.

Headline indicators cover:

  • Employment
  • Contribution to GDP
  • Industrial productivity
  • Investment into EU industry and within industry (R&D and modernization)

Europacable will continue to support the “Industry4Europe” Initiative in its pursuit of an ambitious EU industrial strategy to strengthen European manufacturing industries.

thumbnail of Industry4Europe_Joint Paper on Indicators_March 2018