Benjamin Fitoussi appointed Chair Europacable Industry Team

Benjamin Fitoussi has been appointed chair of the Europacable Industry Team and member of the Europacable Executive Board. He takes over the Team leadership from Mr Christopher Guerin, both with Nexans.

Mr Fitoussi highlighted: “It´s a great pleasure for me to join Europacable and to take on the Leadership of our Industry Team from Christopher. We´re facing the transition into the new area of CPR. With the team, I will continue the focus on seeking to make CPR a success for our industry, committed to tackling the challenges that derive from its implementation.”

He also added: “Europe should strongly commit to the electrification of its transport sector as a sustainable solution to clean mobility and a major effort to reduce CO2 emissions. Europe’s cable industry is ready to deliver sustainable high-quality solutions to promote synergies between the energy and transport sectors so as to successfully speed up electromobility roll-out.”