Transportation & Mobility
Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding & Rolling Stock

Increasingly connected vehicles will have a growing demand for power and data, which is why wire and cable products will play an ever more important role in this sector. Europacable member companies manufacture the complete range of cables for transportation and mobility, covering the following areas:


To keep up with the demands of consumers and commercial fleets, the automotive industry needs to constantly stay ahead of the trend, and so do the cables. Today, there is an average of 6 km of energy and communication cables in a modern car. In this fast-paced and ever changing environment, wires and cables have to adapt quickly in order to meet all mechanical, electrical and chemical requirements for all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks and buses, for both traditional fuel-powered vehicles as well as electric cars.


Just as the automotive industry, aerospace industry is in continuous innovation process, looking to achieve higher standards in terms of safety, service and aircraft lifespan. In this respect, aircraft wires and cables should meet the highest industry standards. Europacable members look to provide aerospace industry with innovative weight-saving cable solutions that ensure better fuel efficiency. An airplane such as Airbus A 380 is equipped with over 600 km of communication and energy cables


Today, a modern cruise ship is equipped with 3.000 km of power, control, instrumentation, data transmission and communication cables. Cabling technology used in shipbuilding can thus greatly contribute to improving vessel performance and reliability as well as passenger and cargo safety.

Rolling Stock

Railway systems themselves have undergone an intense period of modernization, becoming smarter, increasingly instrumented and interconnected. A modern high speed train is equipped with 250 kms of communication and energy cables. To facilitate such technological advances in railway and rolling stock industry, European cabling manufacturers come up with new cutting-edge cables that guarantee increasingly high levels of performance, reliability and safety as well as better interoperability.


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