Optical Fibre Cables
Unlimited bandwidth through fibre
Europe needs fibre – and with that Fibre Optical Cables

To meet future broadband capacity needs, Europe´s future telecommunication networks will be largely built with optical fibre cables: Europacable firmly believes that Europe´s future telecommunication infrastructure will be a capilar fibre network.

The world is only at the beginning of a massive Digital Revolution made of mobility, intelligence, connectivity, convergence, innovation and driven by new communication usages, applications and needs. This revolution will be impacting the entire Telecom ecosystem and fundamentally alter our telecommunication infrastructures:

  • The “Quality experience” defined by throughput time and latency
  • All IP Networks
  • Proximity of Data Centers to have content closer to users
  • Deep fibre in mobile and fixed access networks
  • Symmetric speeds to allow for more uploading of content and videos

Optical fibre cables will be the key technology deployed in the so called “passive” telecommunication infrastructures in Europe.

They can be installed in ducts, micro-ducts, integrated into existing infrastructures or in areal installations. The “last mile” connecting the end consumer may be covered by varying technologies depending on the specific requirements of usage and location.


For Europacable, it´s all about quality of the passive infrastructure. With that we mean:

  • High quality optical fibre and optical fibre cables, and
  • High supply chain performance when installing and running the networks.

High quality cables mean future proof networks:

  • Reliable service for decades, even with increasing traffic;
  • Networks can be easily upgraded, maintained and expanded;
  • Cost efficiency: It´s not all about the initial investment costs but about the network costs over the entire lifetime. Investments are to consider OPEX rather than CAPEX.

Since the invention of modern optical fibre cable technology in the USA and Europe in the 1970´s, European manufacturers have always at the forefront of driving the technical development of optical fibre cables. Today, Europe has world class research centers, highly specialised universities and industrial sites with the know-how and the capacity to respond to present and future demands. The world´s leading optical fibre cable producers are European and members of Europacable.

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This Europacable paper introduces technical aspects of telecommunication cables.