Creating the Gigabit Society
Optical fibre and copper cables for Europe´s future communication infrastructures

 High-speed connectivity of Europe´s telecommunication networks is the key to ensuring the future competitiveness and well-being of our societies. Data management technologies including data cables and systems will be critical to securing “cloud computing” and storage.

Already today, the Digitalisation is profoundly impacting the way we live and work. This impact is going to increase significantly in the coming years.

Therefore, building very high capacity telecommunication networks is at the core of the European Commission´s gigabit target and Europe´s Digital Agenda.


“First-class communication networks” will be key to achieving the European Commission´s objectives of:

  • Access to high-gigabit-connectivity for main socio-economic drivers;
  • 5G coverage for all urban areas and major roads; and
  • At least 100 Mbps download speed for all EU households both urban and rural.

Europacable firmly believes that only high quality telecommunication and data cables will ensure long term, future proof networks. The future landing point of Europe´s telecommunication infrastructure will be a capilar fibre network. The “last mile” may be covered by varying technologies depending on the specific requirements of usage and location.

In addition, data cables and systems installed in data centers will be a critical passive component for meeting the highest requirements in secure and lasting data storage enabling our digital revolution.

Europacable member companies are the world´s leaders in the know-how and manufacturing capacity of optical fibre telecommunication and data cables. We are ready to deliver high-quality cables to connect Europe. Investments in Europe´s passive telecommunication infrastructures need to be made to last so that we do not have to re-invest later.

Let´s do it right!

This Europacable paper introduces technical aspects of telecommunication cables.