Data Cables & Systems
Enabling safe and future proof data management
Data cables & Systems - the key connector in data centers

Rapid and secure data management and storage becomes an ever more important aspect of the functioning of our industries, businesses and lives. The key priority for today´s information technology cabling infrastructures are availability, flexibility and future-proofing.

Data cables and systems are the key component in building and securing these infrastructures. They are used in different applications including data centers, office buildings, industrial premises, private homes or buildings. In any of these applications, the information technology cabling infrastructure is of critical importance: Even the shortest service interruptions can have serious impact. It is for this reason that Europacable member companies call for the deployment of the highest quality cables in these applications.

Already today, for data centers, offices and industrial premises, reliable and timely data processing is a key factor for success. The rapid development of data bit rates and the wide range of applications require a very flexible, high-performance network infrastructure that will be able to meet future demands.

Complete cable systems include distribution equipment to the workstation. The smart use of fiber optics and copper data cable technologies for the backbone and horizontal wiring to the user enables cost effective networking of standard resources such as PCs, printers or multi media applications. Others, such as Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), support the powering of devices such as web cameras, wireless LAN access points, IP phones and laptops via the copper data cabling.

Europacable member companies offer the full range of fibre optics and copper data cable and system technologies for all applications.

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