Copper Cables
Traditional Copper Telecom Networks
Maintenance and Repair

Before the appearance of the optical fiber technology, incumbent operators built their networks with technologies based on copper cables. These networks are still operative but reaching their limits in terms of meeting the speed and bandwidth requirements of the gigabit society. Europacable member companies continue to manufacture multi pair and coaxial copper cables mainly for maintenance and repair purposes.

In most of the countries the copper telecom demand is declining year on year being replaced by optical fibre systems. However some new technologies, like xDSL, and Docsis, allow to improve the performance of the legacy copper network . They do it by leveraging on the existing cooper access infrastructure in the last few hundred meter to deliver higher speeds, at the end is a way of pushing further down the fiber penetration in the access network and getting closer to the home/building. These technologies are seen as an interim solution to the ending scenario that would be FTTH/P.

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For above reasons copper multi-pair cables are mostly intended to repair or replace existing ones but generally not as an option for new network designs. The copper cables are available in pairs or quads in a wide range of configurations.