High-capacity communication networks will be the backbone of Europe´s future Gigabit Society. To secure the competitiveness of our continent, we need to do it right: Europe´s broadband roll-out needs to be future-proof through high quality cables.
Philippe Vanhille, Chair,
Europacable Digital Team
Creating the Gigabit Society
Optical fibre and copper cables for Europe´s future communication infrastructures

 High-speed connectivity of Europe´s telecommunication networks is the key to ensuring the future competitiveness and well-being of our societies. Data management technologies including data cables and systems will be critical to securing “cloud computing” and storage. Already today, the Digitalisation is profoundly impacting the way we live and work. This impact is going to increase significantly in the coming… Read More

Optical Fibre Cables
Unlimited bandwidth through fibre
Europe needs fibre – and with that Fibre Optical Cables

To meet future broadband capacity needs, Europe´s future telecommunication networks will be largely built with optical fibre cables: Europacable firmly believes that Europe´s future telecommunication infrastructure will be a capilar fibre network. The world is only at the beginning of a massive Digital Revolution made of mobility, intelligence, connectivity, convergence, innovation and driven by new communication usages, applications… Read More

Copper Cables
Traditional Copper Telecom Networks
Maintenance and Repair

Before the appearance of the optical fiber technology, incumbent operators built their networks with technologies based on copper cables. These networks are still operative but reaching their limits in terms of meeting the speed and bandwidth requirements of the gigabit society. Europacable member companies continue to manufacture multi pair and coaxial copper cables mainly for maintenance and… Read More

Data Cables & Systems
Enabling safe and future proof data management
Data cables & Systems - the key connector in data centers

Rapid and secure data management and storage becomes an ever more important aspect of the functioning of our industries, businesses and lives. The key priority for today´s information technology cabling infrastructures are availability, flexibility and future-proofing. Data cables and systems are the key component in building and securing these infrastructures. They are used in different applications including data… Read More

The Europacable Industry Charter expresses a collective commitment to our shared principles and objectives of ethical, sustainable and high-quality cable development and manufacturing.
This Europacable paper introduces technical aspects of telecommunication cables.