As a non-profit association registered in Belgium, Europacable AISBL is governed by an Executive Board, elected by the membership. Four Board members represent the different Europacable Teams – Energy, Digital, Industry, HSE –  and 2 Board members represent the SME membership. The Europacable Teams are supported by technical committees. A permanent special interest group works on Medium Voltage Accessories.

Any Europacable meeting or activity is conducted in strict coherence with EU Competition rules.

President and Vice Presidents

  • Mr. C. Guerin, CEO Nexans (President)
  • Mrs. M. Cupiał-Zgryzek, CEO Tele-Fonika Kable (Vice President)
  • Mr. A. Tremmel, Managing Partner SKB-Group (Vice President)

Europacable Executive Board

  • Mr. H. Nieman (Chairman)
  • Mr. V. Dessale (Chairman Industry Team)
  • Mr. M. Del Brenna (Chairman Energy Team)
  • Mr. P. Vanhille (Chairman Digital Team)
  • Mrs. S. Barbeau (Chairwoman HSE Team)
  • Mr. F. Müller (Chairman TC Energy)
  • Mr. A. Kara
  • Mr. M. Nitschke
  • Mr. M. Goblet (SME Representative)
  • Mr. A. Tremmel (SME Representative)