Active, transparent communication is central for Europacable: We strive to be the key source of information about wire and cable technology as well as about our industry in Europe.
Kristoffer Gleberg, Chair,
Europacable Communication Team

Europacable hosts ENTSO-E and RGI at energy submarine and land cable facility in Cologne

Yesterday, Europacable, the Association of Europe’s leading cable producers together with its member company NKT, welcomed a delegation composed of ENTSO-E and RGI, the Renewables Grid Initiative, representatives at the NKT "F2C" cable plant in Cologne, Germany. The purpose of the visit was to provide a first-hand insight into the production of high-quality submarine and land cables.

Dr. Volker Wendt, Director Public Affairs at Europacable stressed:
“Land and submarine cables will ever more become the key backstay of Europe´s high voltage power transmission networks. Europe´s cable industry is ready to deliver high quality products. We have the knowhow, the experience and the capacity in place.
This said, as an industry, we call upon all stakeholders to streamline permitting procedures to increase planning security: Delays in grid role out not only are a huge financial burden to society, they also put at risk our manufacturing basis in Europe.”
Europacable and ENTSO-E have established a fruitful cooperation over the last years which has resulted, among others, in a series of technical studies on cable technology, and most recently in the publication of a joint paper on demand and manufacturing capacity for high-voltage alternate current and high-voltage direct current underground and submarine cables.

REGISTRATION OPEN: Electricity Networks at the ❤️ of EU’s changing energy system – Policy Event 27 November 2018, Brussels

T&D Europe and Europacable have the pleasure to invite you to their annual joint Energy Policy Conference.

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

The European Union is undergoing a major energy transition which is redefining the way we generate, trade and consume electricity.

Electricity will help play a central role in helping the European Union meet its energy and climate goals towards a low-carbon European economy by 2050.

Electrification is the most direct, effective and efficient way of reaching the decarbonisation objectives. This makes the electricity network the backbone of the future energy system.

T&D Europe and Europacable – the associations representing Europe´s leading transmission and distribution industries – invite you to discuss the role of electricity networks in Europe’s changing electricity system at the 2018 Energy Policy Conference.

In particular, what needs to be done to future-proof the EU electricity network that enables Europeans to enjoy clean, secure and affordable electricity?

Three dynamic and interactive sessions will explore the expectations, challenges and opportunities for producers, consumers, prosumers, operators, traders and policy makers.

To register, please do click HERE.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Europacable hosts “Industry4Europe” coalition meeting with Austrian Presidency of EU Council

Europacable hosted a meeting of the "Industry4Europe" (I4E) coalition - which represents a wide range of industrial sectors from across Europe - with the Austrian Economy Ministry Director General Ulrich Schuh.

On this occasion, the I4E coalition handed over to Mr. Schuh – who will be leading the work of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU in the field of industrial policy until the end of 2018 – a Joint Paper – cosigned by 122 European industry associations – which includes a list of suggestions on how to set up an effective EU governance structure to implement an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy to strengthen European manufacturing industries.

Europacable, which is an active member of the I4E coalition, will continue to support the pursuit of a common vision for a smart, innovative and sustainable industry in Europe. To read the paper on a new EU governance structure please do click below.

thumbnail of Industry4Europe-Joint-Paper-on-Governance-July-2018

Terna calling for partial undergrounding to be included into TSO toolbox

Terna has published a video about the workshop on "Undergrounding Electricity Cables" they hosted in Rome on 1st March 2018.

The Italian TSO calls for a European approach towards undergrounding to be developed in order to include EHV AC partial undergrounding in the toolbox available for TSOs when building or upgrading infrastructure in sensitive areas.

The Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) which brings together TSOs and environmental NGOs has set up an ad hoc Task Force which is currently working on a pan-European framework on partial undergrounding.

Europacable welcomes the opportunity to support the RGI Task Force in developing such common approach.

To watch the video, please click below

Benjamin Fitoussi appointed Chair Europacable Industry Team

Benjamin Fitoussi has been appointed chair of the Europacable Industry Team and member of the Europacable Executive Board. He takes over the Team leadership from Mr Christopher Guerin, both with Nexans.

Mr Fitoussi highlighted: “It´s a great pleasure for me to join Europacable and to take on the Leadership of our Industry Team from Christopher. We´re facing the transition into the new area of CPR. With the team, I will continue the focus on seeking to make CPR a success for our industry, committed to tackling the challenges that derive from its implementation.”

He also added: “Europe should strongly commit to the electrification of its transport sector as a sustainable solution to clean mobility and a major effort to reduce CO2 emissions. Europe’s cable industry is ready to deliver sustainable high-quality solutions to promote synergies between the energy and transport sectors so as to successfully speed up electromobility roll-out.”

Sophie Barbeau appointed Europacable HSE Team chairwoman

Sophie Barbeau has been appointed chairwoman of the Europacable Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Team and member of the Europacable Executive Board. She takes over the reins of the Team from Mr Antonio Traversi (Prysmian Group).

Sophie joined the Europacable HSE team in 2011 and is currently chairing the “Product & Legislation” Group.

Since 2011, Sophie is Sustainable Development Technical Manager within the Management of Nexans Innovation and Technology (MIT) group. She is located in Lyon (France) where she leads the Sustainable Development Technical team which covers the environmental standardization, the compliancy of products with legislation and the deployment of Life Cycle approach and ecodesign within Nexans.

She has a degree and a PhD in polymers and composite materials.


HSE Organizational structure

In 2016 Europacable underwent an internal organizational restructuring to better address the EU policy and cable and wire market developments. The then Environmental Committee took the name of HSE Team and saw its scope extended to cover also safety, social and other sustainable topics. The team has a dedicated Secretariat, operates horizontally and supports the business-oriented teams: Industrial Policy, Energy Union and Digital Single Market Teams. Like other Europacable Teams, the HSE Team has set up a Leadership Team representing member companies of various sizes and National Associations.

Working Teams within Europacable

As a reminder, in addition to the Executive board, 6 Working Teams currently operate within Europacable:

  • Communication Team chaired by Mr Kristoffer Gleberg (NKT Cables)
  • Digital Team chaired by Mr Philippe Vanhille (Prysmian Group)
  • Energy Team chaired by Mr Raul Gil (Prysmian Group)
  • HSE Team now chaired by Mrs Sophie Barbeau (Nexans)
  • Industry Team chaired by Mr Benjamin Fitoussi (Nexans)
  • Technical Management Team chaired by Mr Friedrich Müller (Nexans)

About Europacable

Europacable is the voice of all leading European wire and cable producers. Europacable members include the largest cable makers in the world providing global technology leadership, as well as highly specialized small- and medium sized businesses from across Europe. Globally our members employ over 80.000 people of which more than 50% in Europe generating a worldwide turnover over € 70 billion in 2017. The product scope of our members covers the full range of energy and communication cables. Europacable is listed in the European Commission’s transparency register under 453103789-92. We are a partner of CENELEC.

thumbnail of Appointment of Sophie Barbeau as Europacable HSE Team Chairwoman

Europacable highlights the need for more grids to fully decarbonise Europe’s energy system

Yesterday, Dr. Volker Wendt, Director Public Affairs at Europacable spoke at the DecarbEurope Forum 2018 in Brussels

Dr. Wendt, Director Public Affairs at Europacable stressed: 

“Europe needs more electricity grids both at transmission and distribution level to meet its goal to fully decarbonise its energy system by 2050. The European Commission has recently increased the expected investments needs to 180 billion euros by 2030 whilst ENTSO-E has quantified the cost of not having the grids at 43 billion euros per year.”

He also highlighted that “delays in relation to the completion of transmission projects are a major barrier to expanding the grids. Against this background, partial undergrounding complementing overhead lines in sensitive areas may represent the right solution. This is why, Europacable together with RGI is currently elaborating a framework for including partial undergrounding within the TSO ‘toolbox’.”

The event saw the participation of more than 60 stakeholders and key European Commission officials.

DecarbEurope is a multichannel media campaign initiated by the European Copper Institute with the support of ten organizations and two media partners. Its goal is to engage decision-makers in policy and industry by showing cost-effective technical solutions that each reduce European GHG emissions by several hundred million tons per year.

Europacable hosts 2018 General Assembly

Europacable hosted its 2018 General Assembly on 30 May. The annual meeting point of Europe's leading cable manufacturers saw the participation of over 80 senior representatives of nearly all Europacable member companies.

Presentations featured ongoing work of all Europacable Teams with a specific focus on CPR implementation and the increasing need for Europacable to engage as an advocate for our industry calling for a fair and level playing field in the global context.

Our guest speakers outlined challenges and opportunities for our industry stemming either from technological progress or political developments.

Europacable President, Mr. Valerio Battista and the Chairman of the Executive Board, Mr. Pascal Portevin reemphasized the relevance of Europacable to serve as a single voice of European cable manufacturers in the Brussels arena. They called upon Europacable to drive policy developments promoting the interests of our members.

Europacable welcomes new EU’s budget proposal for 2021-2027

Europacable welcomes the increased financial envelope for the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme within the framework of the new EU's long-term budget proposal for 2021-2027. The new CEF represents a key tool to truly connect Europe, both in terms of creating the power and telecommunication networks the Union needs to remain competitive at a global level.

The European Commission unveiled on Wednesday 2 May its long-term budget proposal for the period 2021-2027 also known as Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). The new MFF includes a reformed Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) which would allow the Union to continue to invest in trans-European energy, digital and transport networks. The new programme is expected to exploit the synergies between energy, digital and transport infrastructures. CEF and the European Structural and Investment Funds would also complement each other to deliver on infrastructure investment. 

Specifically, the new MFF proposal foresees:

  • CEF Energy would be allocated €8.650 bn (€5.850 bn under the current programme which runs until 2020); and

  • CEF Digital would be funded with €3.000 bn. This would represent a considerable increase compared to the currently allocated €1.04 bn.

Europacable welcomes the European Commission’s decision to increase the financial envelope of the CEF programme which remain a key tool to truly connect Europe, both in terms of creating the power and telecommunication networks the Union needs to remain competitive. 

 A detailed CEF programme proposal will be unveiled on June 6.

The final decision on the future of the MFF which foresees commitments for €1,279 bn in current prices (and equivalent to 1.11% of the EU27’s gross national income) is now in the hands of the Council, where EU Member States would have to act by unanimity, with the consent of the European Parliament. The Commission expects a final agreement to reached before the May 2019 European Parliament elections.

Europacable will continue to monitor this process and support the European Commission’s proposal for an increased CEF budget which is vital for better connecting Europe and boosting its competitiveness.

For more information on the new MFF, please click here.

Europacable hosts BCO visit to optical fiber cable production facility

Yesterday, Europacable welcomed a BCO delegation from 16 Member States to a state of the art optical fiber cable production facility of Europacable member company Nexans near Mons. The objective of the visit was to provide a first hand insight into the production of high quality optical fibre cables.

Laurent Masson, Vice President Business Group Telecom with Europacable member company Nexans welcomed the delegation and stressed:

The European cable industry is ready to deliver high quality optical fibre cables to connect Europe. This said, in the global context Europe is lagging behind in fibre roll out, notably compared to China. This put at risk our future competitiveness in the digital 21st century.

Mr. Masson highlighted: “We need policy makers to give a push for a 5 to 10 years visibility to the telecom industry in order to build the necessary business plans needed to support the necessary investments”. He concluded that more training of qualified installers to handle fiber optical cable and components will be needed to avoid any bottleneck in the roll out connecting Europe.

Jan Dröge, BCO officer, welcomed this visit, stating the benefit to policy makers to get first hand understanding of the technology. Europacable have been very helpful in making technological details available.

Please find additional information via our twitter account europacable

Europacable highlights need for level playing field

Yesterday, Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Energy Team spoke at the European Aluminium Spring conference “New Industrial Policy” in Brussels.

Speaking at the European Aluminium Spring conference “New Industrial Policy” in Brussels yesterday, Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Energy Team, stressed:

“The cable industry is ready to build Europe´s future energy infrastructures, we´re driving innovation and we don´t shy away from competition. This said, we are calling for a level playing field and fair competition.”

The EAA conference brought together some 250 senior representatives from international policy making, industry and value chain. Set against the context of the current “turbulent times”, it called on the European Commission as well as Member State governments to drive forward a new industry policy notably with a view to China.

EAA used the event to present its now I+ Manifesto, calling to action for a new European governance to coordinate industry policies across Europe.

The conference was accompanied by an exhibition of Aluminium applications, including EHV cable samples provided by several Europacable members.



Europacable and the “Industry4Europe” Initiative set indicators for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

Europacable has contributed to the new Joint Industry Paper which suggests a list of indicators to assess the implementation of an ambitious EU industrial strategy with the aim at strengthening Europe´s manufacturing industries, including the wire and cable industry with its large footprint across most European Union Member States.

Further to their 2017 Joint Reaction Paper on a new ambitious EU industrial policy, the “Industry4Europe” Initiative – which represents a wide range of industrial sectors from across Europe – has suggested a list of industry indicators to the EU institutions with the final goal of better driving investments towards a new innovative, smart and sustainable industry.

The Joint Paper, as co-signed by 111 Associations including Europacable, proposes a short list of indicators which should be used to both assess the health of the European Industry and monitor the progress made by the EU on the implementation of its industrial strategy. The indicator list is composed of two sections: the headline indicators and those linked to the pillars of the previous Joint Reaction Paper. The indicators are simple and intended to be applied in combination to answer specific questions that may be relevant for different scenarios.

Headline indicators cover:

  • Employment
  • Contribution to GDP
  • Industrial productivity
  • Investment into EU industry and within industry (R&D and modernization)

Europacable will continue to support the “Industry4Europe” Initiative in its pursuit of an ambitious EU industrial strategy to strengthen European manufacturing industries.

thumbnail of Industry4Europe_Joint Paper on Indicators_March 2018

“No grids is no option”: Europacable speaks at ´Grids meet Renewables´ Conference

Yesterday, Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Energy Team spoke at the “Grids meet Renewables Conference” hosted by RGI and WindEurope in Brussels.

Raul Gil highlighted: „The RGI – WindEurope conference confirms that Europe urgently needs more grids to bring renewables to market. No grids is no option – and one of the biggest cost derives from delays in getting projects built. Partial undergrounding and submarine cables are key enablers for TSOs to deliver the TYNDP projects on time. As confirmed by our recent joint paper with ENTSOE, Europe’s cable industry is ready to deliver its share to making a truly interconnected Europe become a reality.“

With some 300 attendees, the conference focused on the need for Europe to upgrade its transmission capacities to enable the scaling of renewable energy sources to meet Europe´s ambitious RES targets.

The key message of the organisers was that if renewables are to meet 35% of Europe’s energy needs by 2030, then investments in electricity grids need to be more strategic.

Please click HERE for more information on the conference.


ENTSO-E / Europacable Joint Paper on Demand and Capacity

Cable manufacturers & power transmission operators team up to interconnect Europe.

In a joint paper, ENTSO-E and Europacable recognize the overall coherence between the demand for cables by 2030 as identified by the 10-year network development plan (TYNDP) and the annual production capacity of cable manufacturers in Europe. They also commit to closely cooperate and exchange information to mitigate risks of delays to and reflect possible changes in the projects.

For ENTSO-E’s Secretary General, Laurent Schmitt, “adapting the power system for the coming decades means augmenting and digitizing the network. Hardware is as important as software. Regarding hardware, cables account for over half of the infrastructure identified in the TYNDP. Knowing that Europe’s manufacturers are up to the challenge is a real comfort. Indeed, as another recent ENTSO-E report shows, the cost of non-grid can be quite high for Europe, from financial, environmental and security perspectives’.”

Europacable President Valerio Battista confirms: “The European cable industry is ready: We have the capacity and expertise to deliver high quality HVAC and HVDC land and submarine cables to our customers in Europe. It is important that transmission operators and manufacturers are closely aligned in delivering the TYNDP projects. We cannot afford any delays as these would put at risk Europe´s competitiveness and our ambition to deliver clean, sustainable energy for all.”

The joint paper shows that to go from promise to practice by 2030 on interconnecting Europe, some 46,000 km of land and submarine cables are needed – 42,000 km of HVDC and 4,000 km of HVAC. Since the annual production of HVDC cables is confirmed at 6,500 km for the next decade, this covers the needs of the TYNDP projects. Additionally, sufficient HVAC cable production capacity is available to accommodate both the TYNDP and national projects – the latter being outside of the TYNDP and thus not fully analysed in the joint paper.

Please click HERE to access the ENTSO-E / Europacable Joint Paper.

For further information please contact:

  • Claire Camus, ENTSO-E, Head of Communications, ClaireCamus_1, +32 476 97 50 93,
  • Alberto Lampasona, Europacable, Manager Public Affairs, +32 2 290 8997, a.lampasonaeuropacable.euthumbnail of ENTSO-E Europacable Joint Paper, SIGNED, Jan 2018

Alberto Lampasona joins Europacable

Today, Alberto Lampasona joins the Europacable Team as Manager Public Affairs. Alberto will be supporting and driving Europacable´s engagements in Brussels.

He comes with a strong Brussels policy background: Following his graduation from the College of Europe in Bruges, he started working with the European Commission (DG Enterprise), then joined the Italian Government delegation managing the Italian EU Presidency in 2014. From 2015 onwards he was a consultant with a Brussels based Public Affairs Firm, advising clients on energy and environmental policy issues, including electric vehicles.

His contact details are as follows:
Fon: +32 2 290 8997



Europacable welcomes “Third State of the Energy Union Report” and 3rd PCI list

On Friday, DG Energy published the “Third State of the Energy Union Report” as well as the 3rd PCI list. Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Energy Team, welcomes this publication:

“Europacable congratulates the European Commission on this Communication. By clearly defining the path forward, the Commission leads the way to truly interconnect Europe. Important aspects such as the CBA and the lack of public acceptance of projects will need to be addressed specifically. The European cable industry is ready to deliver so that projects get realised on time.”

The Commission highlights the need for more grids to truly interconnect Europe:

  • Well interconnected and integrated trans-European grids are indispensable for making the energy transition a success”;
  • It is estimated that up to 2030 about 180 bn euro in investments are needed to upgrade and expand European energy networks”.

Whilst the Commission believes that considerable achievements have been made in interconnecting Europe, bottlenecks remain particularly in the field of electricity. To overcome these, the Commission adopted:

  1.  A Communication on strengthening Europe´s energy networks, including elaborations on the the 2030 electricity interconnection target of 15 % which is to be operationalised through a set of additional and more specific thresholds as developed by the Expert Group on Interconnection Targets; and
  2. The 3rd PCI list, now including 106 electricity transmission and storage projects, 4 smart grids, 53 gas projects, 6 oil projects and 4 cross-border carbon dioxide network projects, i.e. a total of 173 PCIs.

Europacable will continue to work with all relevant actors to ensure that this blueprint actually turns into reality. Europacable member companies are fully committed and ready to deploy high-quality underground and submarine cables to ensure the timely delivery of the projects.

Please find the documents here below:

thumbnail of annex_to_pci_list_final_2017_en   thumbnail of communication_on_infrastructure_17

Europacable and T&D Europe Grid Day: More and Smarter Grids to Connect Europe

Yesterday, Europacable and T&D Europe held their first joint policy event “Better Grids for Clean Energy” in Brussels.

Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Energy Team, welcomed this joint industry initiative:Europe needs more and smarter grids to fully leverage on the opportunities stemming from the Energy transition we´re currently witnessing. Submarine and underground cables will be the core backbone of our future gird architecture.” He stressed: “Together with our friends from T&D Europe, our industry is ready to deliver high-quality, cutting edge technology solutions to truly interconnect Europe. We are fully committed in working with all partners to making Europe´s integrated energy market a genuine success.”

Set against the background of the Clean Energy Package and the recently published report of the Expert Group on Electricity Interconnection Targets, the policy event gathered some 80 senior experts from Brussels and across the European Union. Following the opening key note speech by European Commission Director for Energy Policy, Mrs Megan Richards, the conference opened to two panel debates discussing the following questions:

  • What kind of grids do we need in the future to interconnect all Member states? How do we get them built on time?
  • Which technologies can make them smart and efficient?

In the subsequent discussion, the joint Europacable and T&D Europe policy event served as a unique forum contributing to develop the most suitable legislative and regulatory framework to build Europe´s best grid using all available technologies made in Europe.

About Europacable and T&D Europe: Europacable and T&D Europe represent the leading electricity grid technology providers in Europe: We produce the complete range of products and services necessary to transmit and distribute electricity- from the generator to the end user. Jointly, our industry employs almost 300,000 people in Europe and generates a turnover of more than 40 billion €. Innovation is in our DNA: Our members provide all types of smart grid technologies, including advanced, digital systems suitable for interaction with renewable energies and ICT as well as underground and submarine cables which will serve as the backbone of Europe´s future electricity transmission and distribution grids.


Please see here for the joint Europacable and T&D Europe Press release:

thumbnail of Press Release Europacable TD Europe Policy event 301117


Europacable welcomes Expert Group on electricity interconnection targets

Yesterday, the Expert Group on electricity interconnection targets presented its final report to Commissioner Canete. The Expert´s Group aim was to provide technical advice to the Commission on the extension of the current 10% electricity interconnection target to 15% by 2030.

Europacable welcomes the final report on electricity interconnection targets as presented by the Expert Group.  

Please see the report the final report attached and the link to the Commission´s release here

thumbnail of report_of_the_commission_expert_group_on_electricity_interconnection_targets, FINAL, 9 Nov 2017

Europacable support for the “Industry4Europe” initiative, calling for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

Europacable supports joint industry initiative supporting the pursuit of an ambitious EU industrial strategy to strengthen Europe´s manufacturing industries, including the wire and cable industry with it´s large footprint across most European Union Member States.

On 13 September, the European Commission presented its Communication “Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry – A renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy.” With this Communication, the European Commission put industry back on a high position of Europe´s political Agenda. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker emphasized this commitment: “I want to make our industry stronger and more competitive and help our industries stay or become the world leader in innovation, digitalisation and decarbonisation.”

The Signatories of this Joint Paper – representing a wide range of industrial sectors from across Europe – have come together to analyse the document and react by identifying the following areas that should be at the heart of any ambitious EU industrial strategy, taking the Communication as starting point:

Focus on

  • Business-Friendly environment and governance
  • Skills & Training
  • Research and Innovation
  • Access to Finance
  • Internal Market
  • Trade and International Market Access
    thumbnail of Final_Joint Reaction Paper_#Industry4Europe_October 2017


SAVE THE DATE: Better Grids for Clean Energy – Policy Event 22 November 2017, Brussels

BluePoint Brussels, Boulevard Reyers 80, Brussels
T&D Europe and Europacable have the pleasure to invite you to their joint Energy Policy Event followed by a networking cocktail.

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

Europe is in the midst of a fundamental and rapid energy transition: the integration of renewable energy sources at large scale, the rise of new business models and the evolution of transmission and distribution technologies create the opportunity to fully integrate the European energy market in a smart and efficient manner.  Europe´s electricity transmission and distribution networks will be the core backbone infrastructure to realise this objective of a truly interconnected Europe.

Set against the context of the current debates on the Clean Energy Package, the Revision of the TEN-E Regulation and not last reflections on the Europe´s future interconnection level, T&D Europe and Europacable are looking forward to tackling the key challenges and highlight opportunities arising from latest digital technology developments.

With their 2017 Energy Policy Conference, T&D Europe and Europacable – the associations representing Europe´s leading transmission and distribution industries –  offer a platform to elaborate on the following underlying questions:

  • Which electricity grids will Europe need to succeed in meeting its ambitions?
  • How can we ensure the development of smart, digital-ready and energy efficient grids throughout Europe?

A formal invitation will be sent in the next few weeks but we would be glad if you could already mark this event in your calendar.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Nadi Assaf                                                 Mr Thomas Neesen
Secretary General                                          Secretary General
T&D Europe                                                   Europacable

Contact +32 2 206 63 67

Europacable Launches New Website

Today, Europacable launches its new website representing Europe´s leading wire and cable manufacturers as well as outlining the Association´s work in Brussels.

With it´s new web presence, Europacable seeks to raise the visibility of Europacable, it´s members and the issues that we are engaged in notably focusing on EU energy, telecoms, industrial and HSE policies.

Accordingly, the new website prominently features the 4 Europacable teams. In addition, a specific section is dedicated to CPR and its implementation, a matter of high importance to our industry.


Europacable participated in RGI workshop “The prospects of undergrounding power lines” hosted by Amprion in Raesfeld, Germany

The RGI workshop brought together leading TSOs from across Europe reviewing 380kV underground projects currently being rolled out in Europe. As a highlight, Amprion offered participants the opportunity to visit the current construction of the Raesfeld 380kV undergrounding project.

The workshop concluded with participants agreeing to set up a Task Force under the RGI umbrella to further elaborate how undergrounding can be made an intrinsic tool for TSO toolboxes when planning and implementing new power transmission projects in Europe.

For further information please see the RGI website here.

Putting safety first: Europacable welcomes CPR

Starting tomorrow, 1st July 2017, the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) will govern any cable product that is intended for use in construction works, and is subject to performance requirements on reaction to fire.

Pascal Portevin, Chairman of the Europacable Executive Board, welcomes the CPR:Europacable, the Association of Europe´s leading wire and cable manufacturers, has been working for more than a decade with the European Commission and Member States to achieve these fire performance requirements for power, control and communication cables. We are proud that our products can contribute to an improved safety level for European citizens.

However, having the standards in place will not automatically guarantee the best protection: only if these standards are rigorously applied and controlled, lives will be saved and damages reduced. Europacable member companies are therefore fully committed to putting safety first: We will actively promote, support and accompany the thorough implementation of CPR requirements for cables across all EU member states."

Concretely, Europacable will:

1. Actively work to ensure that any cable that falls under the scope of the CPR will be fully compliant to mandatory standards.

2. Design and implement an effective and functioning market surveillance system across EU member states to ensure compliance to mandatory standards and to effectively withdraw products which have been identified as non-complying. This is the only way to mitigate the potential risks for European citizens in case of fire. This system will also help singling out non-complying products which can be detected on the EU market, not only distorting competition, but for CPR regulated products, presenting risks for European citizens in case of fire if products falsely claim compliance.

3. Actively support market surveillance authorities at member state level by identifying non-compliant products by sample taking, testing of products and reporting any findings to the authorities and Notified Bodies in charge.

In addition, national cable maker associations at member state level will:

1. Provide the appointed market surveillance authorities with information in order to ensure the right level of awareness and knowledge of processes and resources, allowing them

   a) to monitor the introduction of CPR compliant products into their territories,

   b) to identify at the earliest possible stage non-complying products, and

   c) to ensure the withdrawal of these non-complying products.

2. Monitor the action plans prepared on a regular basis by national market surveillance authorities, in order to ensure that they provide for the appropriate level of controls of products placed on the market.

By committing to the above, Europacable and its members will actively contribute to making the CPR a success for consumers in Europe: Let´s put SAFETY FIRST!

All members of Europacable have signed the Europacable Industry Charter and are committed to supply safe and reliable cables and systems in line with the relevant EU or equivalent international regulations and standards for safety and reliability.

BCO video “European Cable manufacturers leading the cable industry”

Following it recent visit to the Douvrin optical fibre plant, the Broadband Competence Offices Support Facility has now launched this video featuring "European Cable manufacturers leading the cable industry".

Please click here for more background information of the BCO via the European Commission DG Connect website.


Europacable hosts General Assembly 2017

Last Thursday, Europacable hosted its 2017 General Assembly. Bringing together over 75 senior representatives of nearly all Europacable member companies, the General Assembly again proved to be the annual meeting point of Europe´s leading cable producers.

Next to the networking, the key objective of this year´s edition was to provide an update of the progress made since the re-organisation of Europacable in 2016. All teams have reported solid progress.

Presentations featured an analysis of the Brexit, Trump and its implication for Europe moving forward as well as updates from our partners including T&D Europe and UNIFE, who have organised a campaign to strengthen Europe´s manufacturing base.

Last but not least, this year´s General Assembly also offered the Europacable Accessories Committee to present its 10 Years anniversary by showcasing some of its products in the context of the GA.

All presentations will be uploaded shortly at the Europacable website.

Europacable welcomes BCO delegation at Douvrin Optical Fibre plant

Today, Europacable, the Association of Europe´s leading cable producers, welcomed a delegation of some 30 officers from 16 Member State Broadband Competence Offices (BCOs) and the European Commission at the Douvrin optical fibre plant.

Hosted by one of the leading Europacable member companies, the purpose of the visit was to allow BCO members to get a first-hand view of  the latest optical fibre cable technologies. BCOs are currently being set up as a tool to facilitate broadband roll out across Europe. Their key objective is to support project implementation by helping to access EU funding schemes and to ensure that there is a profound knowledge about the latest available technologies. 

It is in this context that Europacable welcomed the opportunity to provide an introduction to technical aspects of telecommunication networks, a profound insight into key aspects of optical fibre and cable technology and implications in the regulatory framework.

Philippe Vanhille, Chairman of the Europacable Digital Team commented: “We are honoured that the EU’s Broadband Competence Offices have chosen a facility from one of Europacable’s members to learn more about optical fibre technology made in Europe. This underlines the importance of the cooperation between the European institutions and Europacable.” He stressed: “As Europacable we believe that it is of utmost importance to “do it right”: Europe´s broadband roll-out needs to be future-proof and that means high quality cables ensuring long-term service reliability, ease of maintenance and upgrading, as well as high cost efficiency over the entire lifespan.”

Jan Dröge (Schuman Associates), Head of the European Commission’s Broadband Competence Offices, took part in the event. Mr. Dröge has been instrumental in setting up a Support Facility for the national and regional BCOs: “The Support Facility will help set up new BCOs, promote best practices and share knowledge and experience on broadband investments. Our focus will be on rural areas where connectivity challenges are highest. The overall objective is of course to deliver on the EU Digital Agenda targets on broadband rollout, notably a universal coverage of 30 Mbps, and 50% of users connect at 100 Mb/s.”

Please click here to visit the BCO website of European Commission DG Connect.

Europacable speaks at the 3rd Advanced Cable Middle East Conference 2017

This week, Europacable spoke at the 3rd Advanced Cable Middle East Conference 2017 organised by Integer in Dubai.

The conference provided an overview of the current developments in the Middle East wire and cable market. Europacable had been invited to update participants on recent developments in the Energy, Telecom and construction sectors in Europe seeking to re-connect the two neighbouring regions.

Please click here for more information on the conference.

Europacable joins call for more ambitious EU industrial strategy to strengthen manufacturing industry in Europe

Together with 91 other European manufacturing associations, Europacable calls upon the European Commission to take action to ensure the EU remain a competitive global industrial power playing in a fairer world market.


Europe is the cradle of the manufacturing industry and has been at the forefront of industrial revolutions and technological innovations. The industry directly employs over 34 million people across all Member States, in supply chains comprising hundreds of thousands of SMEs and larger suppliers. It also indirectly accounts for millions of additional jobs in related sectors.

Yet as other countries around the world put their industries first, the time has come to raise the alarm about considerable challenges the European manufacturing industry is facing.

Together with 91 European manufacturing industries, representing a diverse range of sectors, Europacable calls on the European Commission to:
– reaffirm its commitment to reaching the target of 20% of GDP from industry, with an ambitious and realistic timeline;
– adopt an Action Plan to tackle the challenges that the industrial sectors are facing, in the framework of a Communication that would include concrete steps and milestones; and
– commit to implement this Action Plan in a timely manner and regularly report on progress.

Please click here to read the Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU industrial strategy launched yesterday in the run-up to the Competitiveness Council on Monday and the EU Industry Day on 28 February.

“Let´s do it right!” – Europacable speaks at FTTH Conference, Marseille

This morning, Philippe Vanhille, Chairman of the Europacable Digital Team participated in a high-level panel debate at the 2017 edition of the FTTH Conference held in Marseille.

Mr. Vanhille re-iterated the core Europacable positioning with regard to the Commission´s Gigabite ambitions and the high capacity networks needed to ensure Europe´s future competitiveness. In the discussion focussed on the new European Communications Code as presented by the European Commission in the autumn of last year,

Mr. Vanhille stressed: “When considering which telecommunication networks Europe needs for the future, let´s move beyond the obsession of focusing on CAPEX only. Consumer experience and operational expenditure need more attention. The future landing point will be a capilar fibre network in Europe. Europacable is calling to deploying the right technical solutions with high quality products. Let´s do it right, so that we do not have to re-invest later.”

For more information on the conference please visit:

Europacable welcomes ETIP SNET R&I Roadmap

Europacable welcomes the publication of the “European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition”  (ETIP SNET) 10 year Research & Innovation (R&I) Roadmap 2017-26.

The roadmap outlines the long term key priorities to enable the transition towards a reliable and sustainable European electricity system with very high shares of renewables. It estimates that 2.5 billion euros investments in R&I are needed over the next 10 years to help manage Europe’s Energy Transition as a system. One of the prioritised topics is the modernisation of networks in which cables will play a central role.

The new  Roadmap provides a system view to the entire energy transition by addressing a scope larger than smart electricity grids: It also encompasses interactions with the gas and heat networks and focuses on integration of all flexibility solutions into the power system, including energy storage technologies.The full implementation of all R&I activities is estimated at 2.5 billion euros needed to finance innovation over the next decade both for transmission and distribution systems, and to be co-financed from the public and private sector. The RD&I priorities defined in the Roadmap are organised in clusters and functional objectives. The clusters give an indication of the prioritised topics including the modernisation of the network.

The ETIP SNET Roadmap is available for download here.

Leadership Change Europacable Communication Team

Effective February 1st, Yann Gontier of Nexans will hand over the Chairmanship of the Europacable Communication Team to Philipp Stenzel of Head of Marketing with nkt cables.

The outgoing Chairman, Yann Gontier highlighted: “Over the past 3 years, I enjoyed launching and leading the first Europacable Communication team. Thanks to the support of the Executive Board and the Leadership Teams we have made a huge first step to improve visibility of the Wire & Cable industry through Europacable. But still, the communication of our Industry has a long way to go, and I am sure that Philipp Stenzel will be a perfect leader for the Communication team.”

The incoming Chairman, is looking forward to taking on his new role, moving from being an active member of the Europacable Communication Team over the past 3 years to taking its helm: “It´s a pleasure for me to take the responsibility of the Communications chairmanship within Europacable and thus represent the communication team of a rapidly changing and exciting industry. At the same time I regret a lot that Yann will be leaving us and want to take the opportunity to thank him for all his great efforts and achievements during his chairmanship.” said Philipp Stenzel.

He stresses: “Looking ahead, one of my top priorities will surely be increasing the visibility of Europacable and its member companies across the society. This will require substantial involvement and commitment of all member companies which I deeply trust we will get. I am looking forward to upcoming challenges and encourage you to get involved where and wherever possible.”

Europacable welcomes „Winter Package”

Europacable welcomes the Commission´s initiatives „Clean Energy for all Europeans – Unlocking Europe´s Growth Potential” unveiled yesterday – commonly referred to as “The Winter Package”. While detailed implications of this comprehensive work will yet to be understood, Europacable clearly believes that better interconnected electricity infrastructures will remain a `conditio sine qua non´ to achieve the proposals main objectives.

Set out in over 1.000 pages, the proposals have three main objectives: Putting energy efficiency first; Achieving global leadership in renewable energies; and Providing a “fair deal” for consumers. Commission VP Sefcovic expressed his hope that the package will “boost clean energy transition by modernizing Europe´s economy”. As initial reactions are mixed with concerns being mainly raised about the future support of renewable energies, Europacable will be closely monitoring as the debate unfolds, seeing the proposal head through the European Parliament and Council.

The key Commission’s press release is available here.  All documents of the package, including further press material, all legislative proposals and their impact assessments, all non-legislative initiatives, factsheets, staff working documents etc., are available here.  The video of the live Press Conference by Vice-President Maroš ŠEFČOVIČ and Commissioner Miguel ARIAS CANETE about the Clean Energy EU package can be viewed here.

Europacable speaks at T&D Energy Conference

On Tuesday, Europacable participated in the panel debate “A truly European network infrastructure – enabling the reinvention of electricity” hosted by T&D Europe in Brussels. At the conference, Europacable was represented by Raul Gil, Chairman Europacable Energy Team, COO Prysmian Powerlink, Detlev Waimann, EVP NKT Cables and Dr. Dirk Steinbrink, SEVP High Voltage & Underwater Cable Business Group Nexans.

High voltage underground and submarine cables will be a core technology for Europe´s future transmission grids: With 48% of the PCIs in the 2016 ENTSO-E TYNDP planned with underground or submarine cables, they will be a core backbone of Europe´s future transmission grids.  “With an annual production of some 11.000 km of EHV cables in Europe alone, the European cable industry is ready to deliver against expectations. What will be needed is a thorough and reliable planning to ensure there are no bottlenecks”, Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Energy Team, stressed at the T&D conference in Brussels.

Detlev Waimann, Member of the Europacable Energy Leadership Team, highlighted how underground cable technology will help to get Europe´s grids built on time. Mr. Waimann pointed out: “On average today it takes 15 years to realise transmission projects due to a lack of public acceptance. Underground cables complementing overhead lines in sensitive areas facilitate public acceptance and speed up permitting procedures. They are the key to making our networks socially acceptable.”

Europacable called on legislators and regulators to ensure technology neutrality. Dr. Dirk Steinbrink, Member of the Europacable Energy Leadership Team, highlighted: “What we need is technology neutrality: All technology options including undergrounding need to be considered from the outset of every transmission project. This will help to reduce the greatest cost to society: The cost of not having the lines”.

Please click here to read the Europacable Communication

Europacable attends Brussels „Broadband Day: Going Giga”

Today, Europacable attends the Broadband Day: Going Giga, hosted by the European Commission DG Connect in Brussels. The day features a series of panel discussions on how to make the broadband roll out in Europe become a reality. In his opening speech, Commissioner Oettinger re-stressed the 3 core objectives outlined in the Connectivity Package in September:
1) Access to high-gigabit-connectivity for all main socio-economic drivers like schools, universities, hospitals, public service providers and digital enterprises
2) 5G coverage for all urban areas and major road;
3) At least 100Mbps download speed for all EU households both urban and rural.

Commissioner Oettinger explicitly stated that for him the focus now lies on deploying a smart investment strategy to deliver “future proof fibre to all buildings” and “5G roll out”. He estimates 500bn € investments largely driven by private investors. Presentations will be made available here.

The conference follows last night´s award ceremony of the 2016 European Broadband Awards competition. The five projects were selected in different categories focusing on innovative models of financing, cost reduction, affordability, competition or quality of service. Some of the projects focus on rural broadband connectivity, while some have wider scale and cover regions or even their whole country. The winners will be serving as exemplary projects for anyone planning broadband development in Europe. The five winning projects are presented here.

SAVE THE DATE: Europacable 2017 General Assembly

The 2017 Europacable General Assembly will be held in Brussels on Thursday, 18 May 2017.

Europacable featured in latest digital edition of Manufacturing Today Europe

MTE is a dedicated manufacturing magazine for senior executives across manufacturing in Europe and across the globe. The magazine shares the success stories/case studies that have made global manufacturers more competitive, more efficient and in many cases truly world-class.
Please click here to see the Europacable article on page 113/114 

Europacable welcomes Commission “Connectivity Package”

On Wednesday, the European Commission presented its "Connectivity Package" seeking to pave the way for more and better internet connectivity for all EU citizens and businesses by 2025.

Philippe Vanhille, Chairman of the Europacable Digital Team, endorses the Commission´s proposals: “High speed connectivity will be the key to ensure Europe´s future competitiveness and the well-being of our societies. The Commission is right to point out that “first-class communication networks” will be key to reach the ambitious objectives. Europacable wants to underline again that only high quality telecommunication and data cables will ensure long term, future proof networks. As the association representing Europe´s leading cable manufacturers, we are looking forward to continuing our dialogue with the Commission and our partners in Brussels to ensure that investments are made to last.

The Commission´s ambitious overhaul of the EU telecom rules pursues 3 strategic objectives for 2025:
1) All main socio-economic drivers (e.g. schools, universities, hospitals, public service providers, digital enterprises) should have access to extremely high-gigabit-connectivity;
2) All EU households (both urban and rural) should have at least 100 Mbps download speed; and
3) All urban areas as well as major roads and railways should have uninterrupted 5 G coverage.

To attract the considerable investments needed to meet these objectives, the Commission presented three proposals:
– New European Electronic Communication Code, including forward looking and simplified rules that should make it more attractive for companies to invest in new “top-quality” infrastructures;
– An Action Plan to deploy 5 G across the EU as from 2018; and
– A new initiative called “WiFi4EU” which is to develop free Wi-Fi access points in communities and cities.

Please see the Commission´s summary and link to all the documents here.

Europacable attends 2nd Energy Infrastructure Forum, Copenhagen

Today, Europacable attended the 2nd Energy Infrastructure Forum hosted by the European Commission and the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate in Copenhagen.

The Forum was foreseen by the Energy Union package as a key action to advance the development of European energy infrastructure, which is vital to Europe's success in building a secure, competitive and sustainable Energy Union. The event gathered some 200 high level representatives of the EU institutions, network operators, industry and other stakeholders.

Please click here for more information.

Europacable speaks at 10th Annual Wire and Cable Conference

Today, Europacable spoke at CRU’s 10th Wire and Cable Conference in Milan, Italy.

Europacable outlined the challenges and opportunities the European Wire and Cable industry is facing with Europe´s future being ever more electrified and digitalized.  High quality cables will be key in connecting Europe in a sustainable manner.

Please click here to access the Europacable presentation.

Europacable welcomes the publication of EN 50575 on Power, Control and Communication Cables in Construction Works

Today, the European Commission has published EN 50575 laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products for “power, control and communication cables for general applications in construction works subject to reaction to fire requirements” in the Official Journal. Following the first publication last year, this publication includes an amendment regarding the references to the LVD and the release of dangerous substances based on a CEN/CENELEC proposal.

The date of applicability (DoA) of this harmonised standard is now set for 10 June 2016, the date of the end of the co-existence period is 1 July 2017.

Valerio Battista, President of Europacable, welcomes this publication: “The European wire and cable industry has worked for more than a decade and has invested substantial resources to achieve formal recognition that our high performing low-fire hazard cables can contribute to increased safety. Today´s publication of the EN clearly is a turning point to improve safety in construction and civil works: the CPR now provides a common technical language for manufacturers, authorities and users.”

Pascal Portevin, Chairman of the Europacable Executive Board, further highlights: “All Europacable members are signatories of the Europacable Industry Charter expressing their commitment to shared principles and objectives of ethical, sustainable and high-quality cable development and manufacturing. Sub-standard products are unfortunately already noted in some areas of the European market. In order to ensure that the increased safety level offered by EN 50575 is met at all times, it will be vital to apply all available tools of market surveillance in a very stringent manner.”

Europacable, the voice of the leading wire and cable manufacturers in Europe, is currently preparing detailed communication on important aspects of the implementation of the CPR for cables such as the CE marking. This information will be made available to all stakeholders in the European market on a dedicated website. In the meantime, here is the link to the Official Journal.

Europacable 2016 General Assembly

On 25 May, Europacable hosted the 2016 Edition of its annual General Assembly.

Europacable President, Valerio Battista highlighted the fact that “With Europe´s future being ever more energized, digitalised and connected, wire and cables will be essential for the wellbeing and competitiveness of our society” Mr. Battista reconfirmed that Europe´s leading wire and cable manufactures are ready to “connect Europe”. Through Europacable, the industry will continue to contribute to the key EU cases relevant for the creation of Europe´s Digital Single Market and Energy Union, as well as to strengthen Europe´s industry base and environmental commitments.

Pascal Portevin, Chairman of the Europacable Executive Board, presented the structural adjustments of Europacable to respond to the industry´s challenges and to support seizing the opportunities. Mr. Portevin underlined that “with the new structure, Europacable will be more focussed and efficient in its work in Brussels, more linked between technical/standardization and the business and better connected to the National Associations, representing our industry at Member State level”.

The new Europacable Leadership Team pictured here below, is fully committed to now implement the objectives set by the Europacable Executive Board and approved by the General Assembly.

From left to right: Christopher Guérin, Raul Gil, Yann Gontier, Philippe Vanhille, Pascal Portevin, Antonio Traversi, Valerio Battista

With over 60 senior representatives of nearly all Europacable member companies and National Associations, yesterday´s 2016 General Assembly provided a key forum for Europe´s leading wire and cable producers. Presentations included two updates from the European Commission on TTIP and the Digital Single Market, an executive summary of the eHighway2050 project, market considerations by JP Morgan, BCG, Deloitte & Touche as well as Metal Bulletin.

Interview of Pascal Portevin 2015

Interview of Pascal Portevin 2015

Europacable speaks at 6th SuedLink Round Table hosted by Dr. Anja Weisgerber, German MP

On Tuesday, Dr. Weisgerber, Member of the German Bundestag, hosted the 6th Round Table regarding the planned SuedLink Project in Schweinfurt. With some 30 participants from local and regional politics discussions centered around the latest update on the planned project, including an update from TenneT.

Dr. Weisgerber pointed out: “It is a great success that DC lines like SuedLink shall in future be built mainly underground. Thereby, a major point for Bavaria is met. Broad acceptance of the citizens is important for the power grid expansion. This is a key element for an acceptable overall solution for SuedLink and for the success of the German Energiewende.”

Europacable provided an overview of underground cable technologies.

Click here to access the Europacable presentation and here for Dr. Weisgerber´s press statement.




Europacable position paper regarding Salzburg line

Europacable has published a position paper regarding the 380kV Salzburg Project, stressing that a partially undergrounded solution is fully feasible from a technical perspective.


Please click here to access the paper.

Europacable welcomes Green group of Lower Saxony´s Parliament at Nexans facilities in Hannover

On 18 March, Europacable welcomed a delegation of the Green Party of Lower Saxony´s Parliament at the Nexans facilities in Hannover. In light of the recent adoption of the new underground legislation, the group wanted to familiarise themselves with underground cable technology, both for HVAC and HVDC transmission.

Dr. Steinbrink, Senior EVP with Nexans, welcomed the group and led the technology outlines. In addition to the discussions the group welcomed the opportunity for a tour of the Nexans production facilities to gain a first hand experience.

Please click here for the Europacable presentation.



„Taking things underground”: Europacable publishes article in 17th Edition of Pan European Networks: Governments

Enabling the future European grid is set to require the collaboration of numerous sectors. Writing in "Pan European Networks: Government", Europacable outlines the importance of underground cables in securing the future of European electricity grids, and details how the continent needs to further develop its electricity grid infrastructure.


The 17th edition of “Pan European Networks: Government” is bringing together the leading developments and commentaries from across Europe´s political spectrum, whether at the local, regional, national, continental or global level.

Please click here to directly access “Taking things underground” or here to see the full publication.

Interview with Philippe Vanhille, Chairman Europacable Telecoms Team

Philippe Vanhille, Chairman of the Europacable Telecoms Team recorded the following interview in the context of the FTTH Conference held in Luxembourg on 18 February 2016.

Mr. Vanhille elaborates on the significance that high quality telecommunication cables will have for the viability of Europe´s future telecom infrastructures, which will form the backbone of Europe´s future Digital Single Market.

Please click here to watch the interview.

Europacable at 2016 FTTH Conference

This week, Europacable actively participated in the 2016 FTTH Conference held in Luxembourg from 17 & 18 February.

Representing Europacable at a high-level panel debate, Philippe Vanhille, Chairman of the Europacable Telecoms Team, stressed that “high quality of telecom cable investments are key for future-proof communication networks in Europe – and even more so when looking at publicly funded investments”.

In the discussion with the heads of DG Connect, ETNO, ECTA and Cable Europe, Mr. Vanhille reconfirmed: “Our industry is permanently innovating. We care a lot about the quality of broadband transmission that consumers get: it´s not only about Gigabytes, but about network reliability, no-latency and peak bandwidth. Europacable believes that consumers should get the transmission quality they pay for – and for that high quality cables are key.”


In addition, Europacable members demonstrated their commitment to the Europacable Industry Charter via their booths.  The Charter expresses a collective commitment to our shared principles and objectives of ethical, sustainable and high-quality cable development and manufacturing.

Please see below for some impressions.

Europacable hosts Breakfast Briefing for German MPs in Berlin

On Wednesday, 27 January, Europacable has hosted a breakfast briefing in Berlin, inviting leading members of the Bundestag involved in Germany´s grid debate.

Following the adoption of a new “Undergrounding Legislation” in December last year by the Bundestag, Germany now leads the way in giving priority for undergrounding for new HVDC projects as well as allowing for partial undergrounding of – as of today – 11 HVAC projects.

Set against this context, Europacable presented the current state of the art of extra-high voltage AC and DC cables and stressed again, that cable technology and capacity are fully available to deliver the underground transmission technology that will be required for Germany to roll out the “Energiewende”.

Please click here to access the Europacable presentation.


Interview with Raul Gil, Chairman Europacable Utilities Board

Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Utilities Board recorded the following interview in the context of the final conference of the eHighway2050 Project held in Brussels on 3rd November 2015.

Mr. Gil elaborates on the question how undergrounding can help to facilitate public acceptance of new power transmission projects, thereby addressing the key bottleneck to timely grid constructions in Europe.

Please click here to watch the interview.




Europacable moves!

This week, Europacable has moved to its new offices!

From now on you will find us at:

58, rue Marie de Bourgogne
1000 Brussels.

We´re looking forward to welcoming you there!

Europacable supports COP 21 ambitions

Europacable supports the ambitions of the COP21 UN climate change conference currently under way in Paris

Our industry, through its involvement in the energy and transition and transformation of power systems, is at the core of these stake to ensure better transmission and distribution of electricity across Europe.

Pascal Portevin, Chairman of the Europacable Executive Board, has answered our questions about this key topic.

Please click here to watch the video interview.



Undergrounding to become standard option for Europe´s future grids

On Wednesday, 18 November, Marian Harkin MEP hosted the breakfast briefing “Undergrounding Power Grids” in the European Parliament. Participants included various Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission DG Energy as well as numerous stakeholders involved in the European grid debate.  

Set in the context of the European Parliament´s Own Initiative Report on the Interconnection Targets, Mrs. Harkin stressed that: “It´s clear, Europe needs more grids. At the same time, however, in our constituencies, we as MEPs witness more and more opposition to overhead lines. I have invited Europacable to update us on the latest developments in underground cable technology so that we understand how to build Europe´s future grids in an environmentally and socially acceptable manner.”

Mr. Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Utilities Board, welcomed the opportunity to share the latest developments: “Underground and submarine cable technology is fully available to complement overhead lines in sensitive areas and hence facilitate the public acceptance of power transmission lines in Europe.”

Marian Harkin, MEP, Tomasz Jerzyniak DG Energy and Raul Gil, Europacable

“With new underground projects being rolled out across Europe proof is given that undergrounding should finally become a standard option in the TSO´s toolbox”, Mr. Gil stressed.

 A new legislative proposal aiming for more undergrounding in Germany shows that costs to the end consumer are marginal: A recent study conducted by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs concludes that the average consumer will face an increase of 3,40 to 9,10 euros per year on his electricity bill due to undergrounding. The cost to society of not having these lines due to further delays would be significantly higher, Mr. Gil pointed out.

Mr. Gil concluded: With over 70.000 people generating a turnover over € 20 billion in 2014, the wire and cable industry will not be the bottleneck to build Europe´s 2050 power transmission grids – neither technological nor capacity-wise. We are ready to deliver. All we call for is a stable regulatory framework which allows us to properly forecast our investments.”

European power sector says YES to an ambitious global agreement at COP21 in Paris

Joint communiqué to the Executive Secretary, Mrs Figueres, and to the 196 parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; copied to Mr Maroš Šefčovič, Vice President for the Energy Union, European Commission and Mr Arias Canete, Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, European Commission
The European power system is in the midst of transformative change. This change is driven by a shared climate agenda. To meet the climate agenda, the following ingredients are essential: higher energy efficiency; generation largely and increasingly based on renewable energy sources; electrification of transport, heating and cooling;  an  efficiently used and where necessary expanded high voltage grid respectful of nature conservation objectives; smarter transmission and distribution grids;  smart meters; empowered consumers via demand side response; electricity storage; and a fit for purpose interface between the transmission and distribution levels of the electricity system. All these components are key to fighting global warming and creating a sustainable power system for the 21st century.
The signatories of this joint communiqué actively and concretely support the energy transition. Today they urge the 196 parties to the COP21/CM11 as well as the European Union to agree on a strong climate agenda. This is the very condition for a future-proof and ambitious regulatory framework able to drive the necessary public and private investment in the power sector to effectively and rapidly fight climate change.


We must act now!

Please click here to access the joint statement

 All the nations of the world gathering in Paris from 30 November to 11 December 2015 for the 21st yearly session of the Conference of the Parties to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the 11th session of the Meeting of the Parties to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol are expected to reach an agreement for limiting global warming. Such universal agreement is a must. 11 associations active in the European energy sector urge the 196 parties to the Convention to reach an ambitious agreement at the end of this 21st session.

Europacable to contribute to Breakfast Briefing “Undergrounding Power Grids” hosted by Marian Harkin MEP, European Parliament, Brussels, 18 November

Cable industry ready to deliver Europe´s future grids: Europacable speaks at final eHighway2050 conference

Yesterday, Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Utilities Board represented Europacable at the final eHighway2050 conference “Unveiling the Electricity Highways Project Results: Europe’s Future Secure and Sustainable Electricity Infrastructure” held in Brussels.

After 40 months of intense work, the Commission funded project concluded that close to zero emission by 2050 means 100 to 400 billion € investment in electricity transmission.

Looking into Europe´s future grid, partial undergrounding and submarine cables complementing overhead lines in sensitive areas will play a vital role in grid deployment to enhance public acceptance of power transmission lines. We hope that all stakeholders understand this message in Europe Mr. Gil stated in his opening message to an audience gathering senior policy makers, regulators and technical experts from across Europe.

The e-Highway2050 clearly identified that Europe needs to expand its electricity transmission grids by 2050 to match the increase in electricity generation, notably wind and solar. “Whatever the European energy landscape will look like in 2050, it appears indispensable for the security and affordability of the power system to reinforce the connections of the North and the South with the Central Continental areas in Europe”, said Gerald Sanchis, e-Highway2050 coordinator.

“Industry is here to deliver Europe´s future grids” was the key message of Mr. Gil´s intervention. Europe´s cable manufacturers are the global technology leaders in the wire and cable business: “With over 70.000 people generating a turnover over € 20 billion in 2014, the wire and cable industry will not be the bottleneck to build Europe´s 2050 power transmission grids – neither technological nor capacity-wise. We are ready to deliver. All we call for is a stable regulatory framework which allows us to properly forecast our investments”, he stressed. 


With a view to the eHighway2050 Consortium Mr. Gil pointed out that Europacable has been very committed to co-operate in the project as its targets are fully aligned with Europacable objectives: building reliable, state of the art electricity infrastructure is one of the core pillars to define Europe´s future competitiveness, both for Europe´s societies and industries.

Mr. Gil concluded: “We are convinced that the outcome of the work presented here today will contribute to building the right grids for Europe. Europacable remains fully committed to continuing this dialogue moving into the future to ensure that the required electricity highways are built on time and on budget.”

Please click here to have further background information on the eHighway2050 project finding

Europacable speaks at 2015 ICF Congress

Last week, Europacable had the opportunity to present it`s Industry Charter in the context of the International Cablemakers Federation (ICF) at the 2015 congress in Washington D.C.

The ICF congress is the leading global plattform of the wire and cable industry.Europacable outlined its member´s committment to quality adopted earlier this year.

Click here to access the ICF website.

NEW DATE: Europacable General Assembly, 25 May 2016

Europacable President, Mr. Valerio Battista, is pleased to announce that the  2016 Europacable General Assembly will be held in Brussels on Wednesday, 25 May 2016.


As it has become our tradition, we will be hosting the Europacable Cocktail the evening before, i.e. Tuesday, 24 May 2016. Details will follow in due course.

We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels!

Europacable co-moderates roundtable on undergrounding criteria at Final Best Grid Conference, Brussels

This Wednesday, Europacable co-moderated the roundtable debate “Overhead lines and underground cabling: Criteria for the use of underground cable technology on the extra high voltage level” in the context of the final BESTGRID Conference “Implementing Projects of Common Interest” hosted by the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) in Brussels.

As a first step, the discussion provided an overview of different legislative frameworks currently in place in EU Member States to enable (or not) partial undergrounding of extra-high voltage transmission lines. In a second step, criteria where identified which serve to decide when to underground. These include environmental, spatial, technical and cost aspects.

Participants from TSOs, Regulators and civil society concluded that it would be benefitial to align thinking on these approaches across Europe, notably when it comes to the implementation of cross border projects, including PCIs.

Please click here for more information on the conference.


Europacable welcomes publication of EN 50575

Today, the European Commission has today published EN 50575 laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products for “Power, control and communication cables for general applications in construction works subject to reaction to fire requirements” in the Official Journal C226/49.

The date of applicability of this harmonised standard is 1 December 2015, the date of the end of the co-existence period is 1 December 2016.

Europacable welcomes the publication. Click here to consult the OJ in your language.

Europacable speaks at Technikdialog of Bundesnetzagentur, Kassel, 24 June 2015

German regulator Bundesnetzagentur had invited Europacable to outline the technial aspects of partial undergrounding at its „Technikdialog“ held in Kassel on 24 June 2015.


Europacable welcomed this opportunity to provide an overview of the current status of partial undergrounding for 380kV AC and HVDC projects.

Please click here to access the Bundesnetzagentur page for further details.

Europacable attends “Digital Assembly 2015” in Riga

Europacable attended the invitation-only “Digital Assembly 2015 – One Europe, One Digital Single Market” in Riga. The event was co-organised by the Latvian EU Presidency and the European Commission DG Connect.

High level speakers, including the Prime Minister of Latvia, Commissioner Oettinger and Robert Madelin, Director General of DG Connect, set the scene for 2 days of meeting and networking. Rather than presenting any new Commission details or plans, the Assembly focused on key topics for the implementation of the Digital Single Market across Europe. Notably in the first day, several “real life case studies” demonstrated the challenges that are yet to be overcome to truly integrate the 28 Member States from a digital perspective.

Reports on the workshops and webstreams of the different plenary presentations are now available here.

MP Dr. Hoppenstedt supports partial undergrounding following factory visit

On Monday, 15 June, German MP Dr. Hoppenstedt of the conservative party (CDU) visited the Nexans facilities in Hannover to inform himself about the option of partial undergrounding.

Dr. Hoppenstedt welcomed this Europacable initiative as he is involved in discussions around the current legislative proposal seeking to enable more partial undergrounding in Germany as well as the debates on the HVDC SuedLink project.

Dr. Hoppenstedt strongly endorsed the Europacable concept of partial undergrounding. He concluded that partial undergrounding has to be deployed in the HVDC SuedLink to ensure timely completion. He also confirmed that he will seek to widen the option of partial undergrounding in the current deliberations on the draft legislation for future EHV transmission projects in the German Bundestag.

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Europacable speaks at World Wire & Cable 2015 conference, Barcelona

Speaking at the 2015 CRU conference, Europacable presented ”From concept to construction – making European infrastructure projects a reality”.

The presentation included an outline of Europe´s 2030 interconnection targets, the key challenges to meet these targets as well as innovative solutions for timely implementation.

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Europacable Members concerned about polyethylene and PVC shortage in Europe

Europacable, the voice of the leading wire and cable manufacturers in Europe, joins European plastics associations in communicating the increasing concerns of its members on the supply situation in polymers.

Polymers in general such as polyethylene and PVC in particular, are used for the electrical insulation and the mechanical protection of cables. They also constitute key materials for the manufacturing of cable accessories such as end connectors and joints.

Several European polyolefin industrial production capabilities have declared Force Majeure over the last months. This situation is detrimental for the wire and cable industry and could lead to production shortages.

Europacable speaks at „2. Runder Tisch Südlink“, organised by Mr. Beermann, member of the German Bundestag

On 28 May, Europacable spoke at two round table discussions in the Hannover region (Nienburg and Schaumburg), Germany, outlining key technical aspects of its concept of partial undergrounding, both for AC and DC transmission projects. The meetings were hosted by Mr. Maik Beermann, CDU member of the German Bundestag.


The discussions were set in the context of the emerging legislation allowing for more partial undergrounding of future transmission projects in Germany and the concrete deliberations on the 800km DC “SuedLink Project” currently under planning by TenneT.

Europacable stressed once more, that we believe that partial undergrounding shall complement overhead lines in sensitve areas. The technology to do so is fully available and higher initial investment costs will be neutralised through faster project realisation, generating overall societal benefits.

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Europacable welcomes Commission Strategy on DSM

Europacable welcomes the Commission´s strategic “Communication – a Digital Single Market for Europe” published yesterday.

The Commuincation sets a strong basis to further, concrete proposals in the coming years to make the Digital Single Market (DSM) a reality in Europe. Europacable firmly believes that completing the Digital Single Market will be critical to ensure Europe´s competitive future.

High quality, high capacity telecommunication infrastructures will be the backbone of Europe´s future DSM. Europacable remains fully committed to working towards creating these future proof networks.

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Europacable welcomes Commission Strategy on Digital Single Market

Europacable welcomes the Commission´s strategic “Communication – a Digital Single Market for Europe” published yesterday.

The Commuincation sets a strong basis to further, concrete proposals in the coming years to make the Digital Single Market (DSM) a reality in Europe. Europacable firmly believes that completing the Digital Single Market will be critical to ensure Europe´s competitive future.

High quality, high capacity telecommunication infrastructures will be the backbone of Europe´s future DSM. Europacable remains fully committed to working towards creating these future proof networks.

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Europacable 2015 General Assembly

On 29 April, Europacable hosted the 2015 Edition of its annual General Assembly. Europacable President Valerio Battista welcomed over 50 participants to the meeting which allowed for a high level exchange amongst Europacable members and discussions with our guest speakers.

Central to the 2015 General Assembly was the launch of the “Europacable Industry Charter” expressing the collective commitment to shared principles and objectives of ethical, sustainable and high-quality cable development and manufacturing. The Charter was signed by 13 companies present. We will shortly contact all remaining Europacable members inviting them to join this voluntary initiative prior to launching a wider spread communications outreach to make it known.

The morning session focussed on 2 updates from Brussels regarding the interconnections required to create the “Energy Union” as well as the broadband investments required to create the “Digital Single Market”. Industry related presentations on the challenges for the European wind industry, developments on metal markets, the impact of the oil price drop and an analysis and outlook of wire & cable industry complemented the program.  

Europacable support joint statement emphasising the key role of the North Seas Offshore Grid as a building block for Europe’s Energy

In the run-up to the Informal Energy Council on 16 April 2015, Europacable together with 23 partners wrote to emphasise the key role of the North Seas Offshore Grid as a building block for Europe’s Energy Union.  
We strongly welcome the vision outlined in the European Commission’s 25 February 2015 Communication for an integrated and interconnected European Energy Union that makes best use of Europe’s clean energy resources. However, we are concerned that references to North Seas offshore grid collaboration were left out of the final text of the Commission’s Energy Union strategy framework.
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Europacable speaks at Power Transmission Tech 2015, Vienna

Speaking at the Power Transmission Tech 2015 conference in Vienna yesterday, Europacable presented “Europe’s 2030 15% Interconnection Target: Challenges & solutions for a timely project implementation”.

Following the recent Commission communication on achieving the interconnection targets by 2020 / 2030, the overarching legislative framework is now in place in Europe to create a pan European electricity networks. Its implementation via the PCI projects will now be at the core of attention both within the Commission and at Member State level. Europacable believes that the concept of partial undergrounding will serve as a tool to reduce deployment times. As projects are being rolled out, Member States also set out to create the regulatory and legislative framework to allow for underground cables complementing overhead lines in sensitive areas.

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Europacable speaks at Fachkonferenz Erdkabel, Kassel, on SuedLink partial undergrounding

SuedLink, an 800 km HVDC link planned to connect Northern Germany to Bavaria is Germany´s largest electricity infrastructure project in the context of implementing the country´s “Energiewende”. The regulatory framework foresees partially undergrounded sections in this point-to-point HVDC connection.

Speaking at a conference in Kassel dedicated to the SuedLink project, Europacable confirmed the availability of HVDC underground cable technology for partially undergrounded sections. HVDC massimpregnated as well as HVDC XLPE cable technology is available to carry the load factor envisaged by the responsible transmission operators TenneT and TransnetBW.

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Europacable supports call for smart, interconnected and resilient electricity system critical for Europe´s future Energy Union

In view of the forthcoming strategic framework on the Energy Union, Europacable supports a joint industry statement offering a contribution to shaping the future direction of Europe’s energy policy.

The strategic framework on Energy Union should include a concrete action plan for delivering European electricity infrastructure objectives. . A smart, interconnected and resilient electricity system will be critical to delivering the Energy Union’s objectives of affordable, secure and sustainable energy.

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Europacable speaks at 5th International ETP Conference “Underground Cables” on 29 – 30 January 2015 in Berlin/Germany

Europacable presented its view on “HVAC and HVDC Cable technologies for the Pan-European Transmission System 2050”.

Following previous Europacable presentations at ETP Conferences, Europacable highlighted the fact that discussions have now moved into a new phase: Partial undergrounding solutions are being implemented by various TSOs across Europe and policy initiatives are being taken both at EU as well as at Member State levels to facilitate the deployment of this innovative concept.

Europacable outlined todays state of the art technologies of HVAC and HVDC underground and submarine cables and provided an outlook towards the expected technology evolution by 2050 via conclusions from the work of the eHighway2050 project.

The presentation can be downloaded here.